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APTUTORING is currently hiring tutors across all of Melbourne! Become a tutor to choose your own hours, earn a competitive hourly wage, and feel good knowing you are making a HUGE difference by unlocking and nurturing the enormous potential of young minds.

Is a Tutoring Job right for you?

If you’re a qualified teacher looking for a highly rewarding job with loads of flexibility, a tutoring job may be perfect for you.

The high demand for tutors across Melbourne combined with the challenges of finding permanent employment in education has made tutoring a fantastic career alternative or supplement to traditional teaching.

The steady work, competitive hourly rate and flexibility to set your own schedule in advance are all bonuses of a tutoring job. The best part however, is the gratifying feeling of leaving a meaningful mark on the world by shaping our future leaders, thinkers and doers!

Every student you tutor has a greater chance of success at school and in life. The personalized approach of tutoring increases students’ self-esteem, fuels motivation and sets excellent study habits. Becoming a tutor means you will personally be unlocking and nurturing the learning potential of your students, helping them grow into independent, confident learners – for life!

At APTUTORING, we only hire passionate, qualified teachers with a VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) registration and a valid driver’s licence to join our team. Tutoring jobs are suitable for teachers in all stages of their teaching careers.

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Examples of teachers we hire include:

APTUTORING JOBS - The Education EnthusiastThe Education Enthusiast

Nicole works full time at a secondary school and sees first-hand how quickly students can fall behind in a busy classroom of 25 students. Teachers simply cannot offer individualized attention to every single child. So Nicole began tutoring one night a week to not only support students who are struggling to keep up, but to also encourage and nurture advanced students who are easily bored and don’t feel challenged in class.

APTUTORING Jobs - The Not-Quite-Retired TeacherThe Not-Quite-Retired Teacher

When Tom retired from his long-term school position, he wasn’t ready to stop teaching altogether. He no longer wanted to work full days, and wasn’t interested in dealing with the paperwork and preparation that come with working at a school. Tutoring was the perfect fit for Tom! He could set his own schedule and work just three afternoons a week. He was still able to make an impact with students, while easing into retirement.

APTUTORING Jobs - The Keen-Bean GraduateThe Keen Bean Graduate

Julie graduated with a teaching degree and is keen to start inspiring young minds, but she’s had trouble finding a permanent teaching job. She signed up as a casual relief teacher, but not knowing when she might get a call, Julie opted for tutoring so she could set her own regular hours ahead of time. She’s tutoring primary school students 35 hours a week and adding practical experience to her CV by designing her own curriculums.


What Being a Tutor Involves

As a one-on-one individual tutor at APTUTORING, you will be matched with a number of students in your area and attend lessons at each student’s home. We conduct a comprehensive educational assessment for new students, so you can quickly identify their needs and build a tailored curriculum based on your own pedagogical ideas. Your number of students increases until you reach your preferred number of hours. It’s completely up to you how much or how little you’d like to work.

You’ll know ahead of time when and where you will be tutoring and we provide enough work to meet VIT requirements if you no longer work in a school. We’ll soon be offering tutors 20 hours of PD too.

We look after APTUTORING teachers with extensive support and training. Plus we take all administrative tasks off your plate so you can focus purely on teaching and building a good rapport with your students and their families. Teachers earn up to $50 an hour, lesson payments are guaranteed and we try to keep travel times as short as possible.

As a tutor, you can diversify your educational experience by teaching new year levels or subjects within your qualifications. Dependable, long-term tutors are offered additional opportunities in curriculum design, worksheet creation, document writing and small group tuition at our classroom in Berwick.

Sound Like a Good Fit For You?

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It takes just a few minutes to apply for a tutoring job at APTUTORING, then we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to take you through the next stage. If you meet all of our requirements, and your personality is a great fit for our company, we could have you working sooner than you think.

We have tutoring jobs available all over Melbourne, so we encourage you to apply, wherever your location. We may just have a handful of students waiting for you!

If you have any questions about becoming a tutor, email admin@aptutoring.com.au or call 03 9707 2761 to speak to Anthea or Mark.


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