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Looking for a highly rewarding job in education with loads of flexibility? APTUTORING is hiring tutors across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane! Become a tutor to choose your own hours, earn a competitive hourly wage, and feel good knowing you are making a HUGE difference by unlocking and nurturing the enormous potential of young minds.

We only hire passionate, qualified teachers with a VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) Registration/NSW Teacher Accreditation/QCT (Queensland College of Teachers) Registration, and a valid driver’s licence for our team.

Are you a Qualified Primary or Secondary Teacher who is:

  • Professional, patient and passionate about teaching?
  • Looking for a meaningful job in education that lets you set your own regular hours and create your own teaching curriculum?
  • Interested in earning additional income by supplementing casual relief teaching or a full/part time teaching position; or wanting to keep teaching skills up-to-date while taking a break from the paperwork headaches that come with working at a school?

Then We’d Love To Meet You!

It takes just 10 minutes to apply to become a tutor and we’ll contact you within 24 hours to take you through the next stage. If you meet all of the APTUTORING requirements, and your personality and work ethic proves to be a great fit for our company, you could become a tutor sooner than you think.

Here’s What Some of Our Current Tutors Have to Say:

“The most enjoyable aspect of being part of APTUTORING is the chance to work one-on-one with students in a range of different mathematics topics. This gives the students the chance to develop confidence and succeed–which I get the most satisfaction in seeing.”Cameron R., APTUTORING Teacher

“Tutoring is a great career alternative to teaching! It gives me much more flexibility and working individually with each student means you can tailor the session to their specific needs–that’s hard to do in a classroom of 25 other students! It’s such a meaningful job and watching their self esteem grow as they overcome challenges is incredibly rewarding.” – Chris, APTUTORING Teacher

“I got into tutoring to build my experience and earn income while looking for a full time teaching position. But even after gaining a full time job, I kept tutoring because I could see the huge impact I was making on my students. It’s too easy for students to fall through the cracks, and helping them catch up earlier on will give them so many great opportunities later in life.” – Robyn, APTUTORING Teacher

“I’ve been working as a tutor for APTUTORING for 5 years and it’s been such an amazing experience. I wasn’t ready to completely retire after a long teaching career, but I wanted to continue making a difference by helping students discover the joy of learning and get ahead at school. Tutoring was the perfect opportunity, and I worked only the hours I wanted to.” – Nicole, APTUTORING Teacher

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We have tutoring jobs available all over Melbourne, and are currently seeking interested tutors in Sydney and Brisbane, so don’t hesitate to apply even if your preferred location isn’t listed below. We may just have a handful of students waiting for you!

If you have any questions about becoming a tutor, simply email or call 03 9707 2761 to speak to Anthea or Mark.

Tutor Jobs

Individual Tuition Employment Opportunities

Other Employment Opportunities

Our most professional and reliable tutors are often the first to be offered other paid roles at APTUTORING such as:

  • Conducting educational assessments
  • Creating courses and developing curriculum
  • Writing educational blog entries and other writing opportunities

Professional Development

We are a Victorian PD provider to ensure our highly valued APTUTORING tutors who are not working full time in a Victorian school can still meet their VIT requirements of 20 hours PD.

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