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Definition: The Humanities are often linked to English and called the social sciences or liberal arts, and under these names they founded the basics of a Classical Education from Ancient Greece to the 20th century. Humanities includes the study of History and Geography, and is the foundation of a well-rounded education for an informed citizen.

Humanities provides students with insights into the human world and includes a global perspective which is useful in an increasingly globalised social, political and economic world. The Humanities subjects also help students think creatively as well as critically, develop good reasoning and questioning abilities, become excellent communicators, and solve complex social problems, which are all good skills to have as both a student and an adult.

It should also be noted that many schools now combine their Humanities and English programs, and that success at the Year 11-12 level for the compulsory English class is much enhanced by a good understanding of world history and modern politics. As a result, we here at APTUTORING highly recommend that students in Years 7 – 10 who struggle with Humanities should take steps to improve in this area.

At APTUTORING, we offer Humanities tuition to secondary and Year 11-12 students as part of Individual Tuition.

With Individual Tuition, it is also possible to develop other specialised subjects as required, such as university academic writing. Simply call our office today to talk to our staff and discuss how our team of professional and dedicated educators can be of assistance.


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