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Definition: Literacy is the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively for a variety of purposes. Literacy also includes proficiency in evaluating and analysing information, as well as the capacity to use language to create tests.

As Australia and the world enter the Information Age era of history, the internet has brought a flood of information in the homes, and often pockets, of children and teens. This unprecedented level of information means that the generations of the 21st century will be exposed to more language that ever before, so success in life will be more dependent than ever before on an individual’s literacy skills.

In fact, good literacy skills form the foundation of a child’s schooling, academic success, and life accomplishments. Literacy is quite simply a life skill whose importance cannot be underestimated. English as a subject in Australian schools is also the most vital for students to master, as language underpins learning and assessment in all other subjects, and English is also the only mandated subject students have to complete in Years 11 and 12.

APTUTORING believes that it is of extreme importance to help all students develop good literacy skills as early as possible, and establish advanced ones before Year 11-12. Doing so takes time and perseverance, but we have a range of tuition options that are designed to assist students with their literacy development and curriculum support for English.


Individual Tuition

APTUTORING offers an Individual Tuition program in which the curriculum is completely individualised to the specific learning needs of the student, which are themselves identified through an initial educational assessment.

Curriculum plans developed for students can include the development of foundation literacy skills, exploration of learning strategies useful in English, establishment of advanced language skills, curriculum support, and preparation for Years 11-12.

Individual Tuition also ensures that the curriculum plan will take a holistic approach to developing all the literacy skills, including reading, writing, comprehension, grammar, study skills, phonics, spelling, word knowledge, and analytical skills.


  • Pre-school Literacy
  • Prep-Grade 6 English
  • Year 7-10 English
  • Year 11-12 English

With Individual Tuition, it is also possible to develop other specialised subjects as required, such as university academic writing. Simply call our office today to talk to our staff and discuss how our team of professional and dedicated educators can be of assistance.


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