Individual Scholarship Preparation

APTUTORING provides one-on-one tuition to prepare students for scholarship and select entry tests, with a specially designed and highly effective course that is individualised to suit the specific educational needs of students.

Many schools now ask students to sit scholarship tests or exams to determine placement offers for select entry schools, scholarships or accelerated learning programs. These tests are highly competitive, and success is often determined by effective and lengthy preparation, which is best provided by one-on-one specialised help from trained scholarship exam tutors.

Our scholarship preparation course has been specifically designed by experienced tutors with a history of success in preparing students for scholarship tests. It covers all the necessary areas required, and can be adapted to suit the exact learning needs of the student. The full 12 month course program has a 100% success rate of students receiving an offer to their school of choice, and the other shorter courses are also highly effective at helping students who already have some preparation through self-study or group tuition. If you want to give your child the absolute best possible chance of attaining success in scholarship exams, then please contact us as soon as possible to arrange Scholarship Preparation Tuition.



Available Courses

The course designed for Scholarship Preparation Tuition is available in four different timeframes:

Full Course: 12 Months (4 terms)

The Full Course is recommended for best results, and is unquestionably the best option for students who have not received any scholarship preparation help in the past.

Suitable for all students interested in scholarship preparation.

Abridged Course: 6 Months (2 terms)

The Abridged Course is suitable for students who have received some preparation assistance in the past but need more specialised and effective support.

Suitable for students who have undertaken some scholarship preparation in the past.

Review Course: 3 Months (1 term)

The Review Course is only recommended for students who have completed extensive preparation and simply require a quick refresher before the exam date.

Suitable for students who have already completed the Full or Abridged Course.

Practice Course: 1 month

The Practice Course consists solely of practice exams and should only be selected by students who have completed at least one of the other courses.

Suitable for students who are a month away from their scholarship test.

Each course and timeframe is available in either English or Maths, at three different levels: for students sitting tests before Grade 5, before the end of Grade 6, or for secondary students sitting tests in Year 8 or 9.

English Scholarship Preparation covers Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Writing (Creative and Analytical), and prepares students for scholarship exams provided by both EduTest and ACER.

Maths Scholarship Preparation covers Numerical Reasoning, Academic Maths, and Abstract Reasoning, and prepares students for scholarship exams provided by both EduTest and ACER.

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