Science Tutoring

Definition: The subject of Science provides students with the scientific knowledge vital for life, as well as the ability to apply the scientific method to problems.

Science encourages students to develop strong thinking skills, particularly the ability to think critically, use evidence to answer life’s tough questions, and develop a love of learning about the universe.

At APTUTORING, we offer Science tuition to secondary students who would like to develop such skills, increase their knowledge of scientific concepts, and improve their academic achievements in Science. As part of Individual Tuition, the following subjects are currently available:


  • Year 7 – 10 Science
  • Chemistry Units 1 – 4
  • Physics Units 1 – 4
  • Biology Units 1 – 4
  • Psychology Units 1 – 4

With Individual Tuition, it is also possible to develop other specialised subjects as required, such as university study skills for Science subjects. Simply call our office today to talk to our staff and discuss how our team of professional and dedicated educators can be of assistance.

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