Month October 2015


Why choose tuition?

With decreasing class sizes and an emphasis on differentiation within the classroom, why would anyone choose tuition? That’s an excellent question that has a variety of answers. Tuition is not one size fits all and people choose it for many different reasons. In the same way, education is not one size fits all and students have a variety of needs that should be met.

Sometimes a student has a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning difficulty and requires extra assistance. This assistance is generally provided through the school. Tutors can work with the teacher and the family to further aid the student and support them in their learning. The aim is to maintain contact between teacher and tutor to ensure that everybody working with the student is going in the same direction and not working at cross purposes.

All students learn at different rates. This is one of the reasons that many families choose to support their child’s learning through tuition. Whether the student is below standard, at standard or above standard, tuition can be specifically tailored to their needs. It means that a topic or learning area can be worked on for as long as the student needs so that they have completely understood what is required. It also means that a student can be extended in areas where they show particular ability.

Some families seek tuition because they have a child who wishes to enter a school through a scholarship or join a select entry school or program. APTUTORING has a specific course that has been designed to prepare students for the areas that are covered on scholarship tests. It is comprehensive and quite rigorous. Students benefit most when scholarship preparation classes are undertaken for a twelve-month period.


  • all staff are qualified and registered teachers
  • before a student is placed with a tutor an educational assessment is conducted
  • as part of the assessment, parents and child are interviewed to discern areas of concern, strengths and weaknesses
  • we offer individual tuition, or scholarship preparation
  • tuition is tailored to each student

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