Month August 2016


Why Make Up sessions?


The Benefits of Tutoring Catch-up Sessions

So, you’ve had to miss an awesome session or two with your tutor due to a commitment or your child being unwell. It happens. Life happens. So now what? Let’s talk Make Up sessions.

APTUTORING values your child’s relationship with their tutor, keeping your child on track to achieve their learning goals and the time spent for your child’s tutor to plan effective lessons to best assist your child during the school terms. Although we understand that life happens our 17 years of experience tells us a few important things about tuition:

1. It needs to be regular and consistent.
2. It is harder for students to stay connected with tuition and content if sessions are missed.
3. Progress is slower and gaps arise in the students knowledge when sessions are missed and not followed up.

So, what is a Make Up session?

Make Up sessions are your child’s opportunity to catch up on the content and learning they have missed out on through cancelling of a session/s due to illness, commitments or life getting in the way of tuition.

How do make up sessions work?

When sessions are cancelled and you are eligible for a make up session (see t’s & c’s here) we notify your child’s tutor who puts aside their cancelled lesson plan for a later make up session date.
You are then invoiced for your session as usual, but it sits in our system as a make up session for you to use at a convenient time for both you and your tutor.

When you’re ready to use your make up session it’s easy, you contact APTUTORING with your availability and we take care of the details of scheduling with your tutor so that he/she arrives at your door to do the important work of helping your child catch up and stay on track with achieving their learning goals.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions that parents often ask us about Make Up sessions?

1. Is it compulsory to do make up sessions?

Yes, at APTUTORING we do ask that you adhere to our T’s & C’s and attend make up sessions. To be able to get the best out of your sessions, your child needs consistency. Missing sessions habitually and not having a chance to catch up on content does adversely affect your child’s understanding of curriculum content and ability to progress with their tuition learning plan.

2. Can I use my make up session before an exam or assessment?

Absolutely! It’s your make up session so if you feel that you would like to use it for extra preparation before an exam or assessment then let us know. Obviously if you are behind in a key area then your tutor may suggest using your make up session to catch up on core learning first so please chat with your tutor.
We ask that in using your make up session/s for exam or assessment preparation that you provide us with as much notice as possible so we can sort out logistics with your tutors availability.

3. Am I charged for Make Up sessions?

No you are not charged again when you use your make up session. When cancelling a session during the school term you are invoiced for that session as usual and this then sits as a credit for you to use as a make up session. Easy!

4. How long do I have to use my make up session/s?

Make up sessions sit as credits in our system until the end of the following term following your cancellation. So, for example if you cancel a session in term 3 you have until the end of term 4 to use it. Obviously we can use our discretion here so if there are extenuating circumstances as to why you can’t use a make up session then contact us EARLY ON and let us know so we can best help you.

5. Can I use my make up session on a weekend, public holiday or school holiday

For sure! Scheduling a make up session is dependent on yours and your tutors availability. Do keep in mind that our teachers have lives and families too but they are very flexible and we endeavour to find a suitable day/time that suits everyone.

6. Who’s responsible for keeping track of my make up sessions?

That would be you. As you can appreciate, keeping track of a gazillion students, parents and teachers availabilities and schedules is a big job! If you’re unsure if you have a make up session owing then contact us and we will be happy to check for you. Or you can easily log into your child’s student portal (refer to your invoices for the details) to check if you have any Make Up sessions to use.

Have further questions regarding make up sessions? Need to book a make up session for your child? Then contact us and let us help you.

Until next time,
Happy learning!!