Month June 2016


5 Reasons You Should Tutor With APTUTORING!


We get a lot of tutor applications at APTUTORING. We value passionate teachers. We value committed teachers and we value quality teachers.

As a family based business, we always come back to one question; is this applicant someone we would be happy to welcome into our own home? By keeping this in mind we are confident that the tutors that we accept at APTUTORING will be in turn welcomed into our clients homes too, with their abundance of expertise and professionalism to boot.

We also think that being particular about our tutors sets us apart from the pack. We make no apologies for only accepting teachers as our tutors. We are by no means saying that wonderful non-teacher tutors don’t exist in the world! But rather that through our experience, teachers as tutors make a great match to the varied needs of students who come to us with diverse learning needs.

So, are you thinking about tutoring with APTUTORING? Here are 5 reasons you should:

  1. PICK YOUR OWN HOURS: Weekly sessions that are scheduled around days/times that suit you and your lifestyle means that you run your own show.
  2. BE YOUR OWN BOSS: Bring your innovative approach to learning and combine it with Victorian Curriculum F-10 standards to support students and make a real difference!
  3. COMPETITIVE RATES: We are proud to say that we love our teachers, value them and reward them with attractive pay rates that still keeps tuition affordable for all students.
  4. ROOM TO GROW: Interested in developing curriculum with us? What about diversifying your role and conducting assessments? We provide these opportunities and more for our committed staff.
  5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Need to ‘up’ your PD hours? We provide regular PD sessions that are recognised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

If you are a passionate teacher who would like to commit to making a difference with our students while setting your own work pace then WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU here. Apply Now!

Until next time…

Happy teaching!

I love tutoring