Month October 2016


Yes! APTUTORING Provides Professional Development

Looking to expand your professional development repertoire? Did you know APTUTORING provides accredited professional development for teachers in accordance with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)?

The VIT states that “as a registered teacher or early childhood teacher you will need to engage in at least 20 hours of professional development (PD) activities, each year to renew your registration… (and) your PD must be referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and address at least one standard in each of the three domains of the APST: Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement.

This year APTUTORING has offered professional development for teachers in the areas of conducting educational assessments, delivering scholarship preparation, induction for new staff and teaching for special needs.

Did you know that as part of the government’s Special Needs Plan it is now a mandatory requirement (for VIT renewal) for all teachers to complete professional development to enable them to build their skills for working with learners with disabilities.

We now offer professional development ‘Teaching for Special Needs’ that complies with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 1.5, 1.6 & 4.1. It is based on educational research & draws on the experience of our Educational Assessors to focus on how to meet students individual needs in both classroom & tuition settings. It covers:

  • Types of special needs disabilities & disorders
  • Specific strategies to assist students with varying special needs
  • Includes collegiate activity on individualising pedagogy and differentiating worksheets for students with special needs.

Why choose APTUTORING as the provider of your next Professional Development session?

Our sessions are provided free (or very minimal charge on some sessions)!!

  • We offer professional development to all teachers (not just those who work as tutors for APTUTORING)
  • Our professional development is based on educational research & is directly relevant to both classroom & tuition settings.
  • Our professional development presenters are knowledgeable, experienced & engaging.
  • We hold sessions in comfortable facilities local to our office in Berwick & we provide refreshments.

So what’s coming up for Professional Development at APTUTORING?

  • Teaching for Special Needs – Autism
  • Teaching for Special Needs – Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Teaching for Special Needs – Mental Health Issues

So, what are you waiting for? Send us an email on or call our office 03 97072761 to register your interest in attending an upcoming professional development session with APTUTORING! Too easy!


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