Month April 2016


Our New Blog

Welcome to APTUTORING’s first blog, in what has been a long time coming plan of ours to reach out to you all; wonderful parents, students and very dedicated teachers.  Every fortnight we will be coming direct to your inbox with what interests you (read on a little further for the details).

Some of you maybe thinking… this isn’t their first blog?!? But seeing as it’s been a while we are starting a fresh. We have some wonderful ideas brewing in the background for how to make the best of this space but what is most important to us is that we use it to meet your needs.  So tell us on our Facebook page or drop us an email  if that’s more your thing.

We would love to know what topics you would most like to read about? Some examples that come to mind are:

  •  Study and organisational tips for your child
  • Discussion on education news/hot topics
  • How to’s (e.g. ‘How to get your tutor to do your homework?’ Lol just kidding! …more like ‘How to prepare my child for undertaking their VCE’ or ‘How to support my child in getting the most out of their tuition sessions’).

We are open to all your suggestions so let us know what YOU want to see!

So, to start the ball rolling we thought we would start our first ‘real’ blog with a little about the people behind the scenes…namely behind the screens, on the other end of the phones and in the office crazily coordinating each student and teachers day/time/schedule preferences (which mind you is a monumental task requiring a lot of coffee…haha).  Some of you have been with us for sometime and others are fairly new on the scene.

The voice you will be hearing in this blog is me, Allison.  So who am I? I’m the AP in APTUTORING.  Without giving my age away (hehe) about 17 years ago I began APTUTORING as a one woman show after I discovered that students all around me were really struggling both in the classroom and at home with homework. What I noticed was that so many students, for various reasons, were falling through the cracks in our primary education system and reaching secondary college without the skills needed to reach their academic goals.  Secondly, I identified with students  who like myself, were from non-English speaking families, whose parents didn’t have a natural flair in the English language that could support them in their curriculum understanding and consolidation.  So, off I begun on the wild adventure of starting APTUTORING and taking my passion for education out into the world.

Now, let’s fast forward about 13 years… where together with my partner, Mark (the business brains of APTUTORING), we welcomed our first baby 4 years ago and then our second little one 19 months ago.  It’s been a busy time where I have mostly been a quiet observer watching and listening in the wings.  In this time he has done an amazing job at solidifying  APTUTORING as the family based business that it is and catering tuition to the needs of each and every student that we meet.

As I mentioned before, Mark is the very hardworking business brains behind APTUTORING. He loves finding ways to personalise your experience with APTUTORING and to make our service interactive for you across our website and student portal system. But as talented as he is, he simply couldn’t do all this alone.  Anthea, our knowledgeable business manager and fantastic English teacher too, works alongside Mark to coordinate everything that goes on behind the scenes to bring your tutor to your home every week.  Together, they work tirelessly in meeting your family’s needs.  They manage and support our expert teaching staff to provide your child with a tuition service that helps them achieve their academic goals.

So, on that note…we will say thank you. Thank you for supporting APTUTORING whether you have been with us for a term or many years.  Thank you for entrusting us to support your child in their academic journey and thank you for giving your time in reading this blog.

We look forward to introducing you to our teachers in our next blog post, they are an amazing group of education professionals!

In the meantime, please help us make this blog serve you and your child’s needs by commenting on our Facebook page or sending us an email with what you would love to see or read in this space!!!

Until next time,
Happy learning!