Month August 2019


Flexible Tutoring – Life Changing

Believe in children? So do we.

At APTUTORING, we are all about changing the world one student at a time through the power of teaching. Working one-on-one with a child at their point of need within a safe learning environment has the power to transform their confidence and understanding. And plug those learning gaps and further excel those extension kids. You see, life changing!

Life changing

Flexible tutoring can change your life too. Imagine being your own boss, working the flexible hours that you choose around your family and commitments and being paid attractive industry rates. Now, imagine working one on one with a student every week. Using the power of your teaching skills and knowledge you can make a life changing difference for this child. Imagine seeing consistent, real learning progress from week to week. In addition, expanding your experience and walking away from the session feeling motivated, enthusiastic and excited about teaching again. You see, life changing!

Here’s what some of our current tutors are saying

“Tutoring is a great career alternative to teaching! It gives me much more flexibility.  Working individually with each student means you can tailor the session to their specific needs. That’s hard to do in a classroom of 25 other students! It’s such a meaningful job and watching their self esteem grow as they overcome challenges is incredibly rewarding.” – Chris, APTUTORING Teacher

“I got into tutoring to build my experience and earn income while looking for a full time teaching position. But even after gaining a full time job, I kept tutoring because I could see the huge impact I was making on my students. It’s too easy for students to fall through the cracks, and helping them catch up earlier on will give them so many great opportunities later in life.” – Robyn, APTUTORING Teacher

Want to be part of something life changing? Join us!